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Pianists of the World #2 - A composer meeting between a Norwegian and a Dutch pianist

In the fall of 2023 I have been travelling Europe to meet with, learn and compose with some of the most succesful pianists in Europe. Another goal was to meet with playlist curators.

The piano music you hear Ron is playing is his own composition "Small Steps" from his album "RISE" (2022)

The first stop on the continent was in the Dutch town of Amersfoort. This is a beautiful old town.

The goal was to meet with and make music together with Ron Adelaar. Ron is a pianist with more than 2 million montly listeners on Spotify. He is also A&R in the Amsterdam based label Andante Piano which release music from many pianists in this genre.

I was up early the other morning and wrote a piece called "Fawn". We ended up recording that piece together; Ron behind the ebony&ivory and myself behind the computer. It was a pure joy to see how he transformed this music into his own - by playing it on his old Grotrian Steinweg (felt)piano.

When the recording was done - and we were happy - I sent it to our (mix & ) mastering engineer in Sweden. Markus Nordlund is a very nice guy that make piano-music shine for playlists for "those seeking balance, tranquility, and positive change", with other words, relaxing music. I can write many nice words about Markus. I have been a producer and sound engineer for more than 20 years. And my aim with the piano sound is to make it shine. With felt-piano there is another goal for the sound. And Markus has researched this for some years and have really found a good balance. And he was kind to share his knowledge with me. So for all my most streamed tracks (4+million) Markus has been involved either as a mixer and/or master engineer. I owe him a big thankU!

The piece "FAWN" with Ron Adelaar and John Vegard Schow is planned for release in 2024.

Stay tuned!

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