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It's a joy for me to present the music video to the song "FOG".

Musical story

The song FOG was created a few years ago in Vence, France, where the norwegian popular composer society (NOPA) have a 'composer flat' with a piano and a stunning view. The idea started on the piano, but the finishing was done at the computer with the sheet music program Sibelius. Most of my piano compositions are written and have the evolution by the piano, recorded live. So this was kind of unusual for me, and I had to practise the score before recording it (!) Not an unusual task in classical music, but a bit more odd in jazz. I consider the song to be a 'classical' waltz so then it do make sense.

Please have a listen:

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The music video

I love ballett and thought that some of the songs could work with a ballet performance. Through my good friend Øyvind Bjorå, concert master in the Norwegian opera, I got in contact with the fantastic dancer Klara Mårtensson. She rrceived two of my compositions, FOG and BELIEVE, and started to work out the choreography for the little waltz FOG. A few weeks later we met in the opera to test it live and it was (in my opinion) awesome. Apr 6th she joined me in my solo concert and performed it to ovations in the concert hall.

The director and the story

Kristoffer Grindheim is a great camera man with a special eye for light. He took the challenge to shoot and direct the video. I had some ideas of locations, but we ended up in the dance studio, and it fits the story well; finding your strength through challenges.

In post production we also worked with an award winning sound designer.

The premiere

The video will premiere Thursday Nov 14th and I hope you will have much joy watching it. Enjoy!

PS! Please comment with what you experienced watching it.

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