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John Vegard Schow
Pianist. Composer. Music Producer.

John Vegard Schow is an experienced composer, producer and pianist.

Schow has written songs in many different genres, produced music for several artists,
TV, liveshows and composed music to
animated TV-series that´s been sold
to more than 180 countries.

Schow - Water Lilies

Water Lilies was release Sep 30th on the label Andante Piano. 


The thought behind this composition is both an inspiration from the beautiful green nature and 'water lilies'  by Monet. 

In the climate crisis, who are we when no one sees us? What are our actions, are they giving sustainability? Can art and beauty survive in a situation like this? Will the water lilies prevail over the drought? Will we survive? 

This is a recording on felt-piano, with its soft and intimate sound. 

I hope that this piece, and other art, can give comfort, and peace of mind.

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FAMILIARIS - Forgotten Time

FAMILIARIS is a new piano collaboration with the award-winning composer Magnus Murel.

The new single "Forgotten Time" is a delicate piece, recorded on my Yamaha Piano.

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John Vegard Schow - Meistersaal Sessions - Live from Berlin (Pt.1)
The 1st album from the recording in the legendary Meistersaal in Berlin is out March 11th 2022. 
Listen to: Spotify  Apple Music  Tidal  Amazon  Deezer
See the live video at YouTube


FOG - Lyrical pieces for piano
John Vegard Schow - FOG - Lyrical pieces for piano (Album)
Debuted at #1 on Norway iTunes 200 Classical chart.
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FOG (Music Video) 

John Vegard Schow - FOG (Official Video)

Check out on YouTube


Sheet Music available

John Vegard Schow - FOG - Lyrical pieces for piano


Order here!

John Vegard Schow - FOG - Sheet Music


JABEN debuted at #1 on iTunes 

John Vegard Schow - JABEN (Single)

Listen (soon) at: Spotify  Apple Music  Tidal  Amazon  Deezer

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